Safety and the ‘rules’

Riding is all about having fun, however this should not be at the expense of others! The club ‘rules’ may be summarised as having respect; for each other, for other road users and for the environment.

When riding in DVCC kit you are representing us all so please do not do anything that could harm our reputation.

Group rides

When on a group run there are a few simple guidelines that will maximise fun and ensure the safety of all;

The group should stay together to ensure no one is dropped
  • Communicate: let the pace-setters know if someone is falling back
  • Regroup after climbs: it is easier to climb at your own pace so faster climbers should do so but regroup at the top. The first riders to the top may ride back down to help pace others to the top
  • Help with punctures/mechanicals: this minimises the delay
  • Ensure your bike is in good condition before every ride, particularly the brakes and tyres
  • Always carry an inner tube, pump and/or CO2 cyclinder and tyre levers
Safety – our roads are getting busier and the surfaces are not getting any better! A few simple rules can reduce the risk
  • Let the group know about other vehicles both in front (shout “car up”) and behind (shout “car back”)
  • Warn about potential hazards, point out potholes & ice patches
  • Signal to pull out for walkers and road furniture
  • No overlapping of wheels
Respect the environment
  • Please do not litter (e.g. gel wrappers, inner tubes etc.). Cumbria is a beautiful place, let’s help to keep it that way
  • If anyone drops anything by accident let them know and stop to pick up the item
Follow the Highway Code; do not reinforce the media stereotype of a typical cyclist!
  • Ride a maximum of two abreast, and single file where necessary
  • No riding on pavements
  • No jumping of traffic lights

Finally, please remember to look after riders on their first club run! We have all been there….


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