Experiences of a new DVCC member

Most of us would agree that cycling in a group is more enjoyable and improves performance faster than cycling alone. But joining a cycling club can be quite daunting, particularly if you’re fairly new to the sport and perhaps more so if you’re female, as a lot of cycling clubs are male dominated.
Having recently moved to the area and wanting company to ride with I thought I’d try Derwent Valley Cycling Club. Prepared for a ride where I’d struggle to keep up I forced myself to join one Sunday morning expecting to confirm my preconceptions about cycling clubs. But I turned out to be very wrong!
In fact, Derwent Valley is a group of friendly cyclists who are really encouraging to new members. Around half of the members are female and there is a variety of ages from 20s upwards. The experienced cyclists are very willing to share advice, tips and new routes and happy to wait for those of us who can’t keep up on the hills! Most importantly, tea and cake stops feature in every ride and there is a strong social element to the club.
So if you’ve been riding alone, or want to start taking your cycling more seriously I’d recommend giving DVCC a try.

Caitlin Pearson

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